Lego fun!

By Olivia Bates | Posted: Thursday May 25, 2023

By Alicia and Harper

On Tuesday, we learnt how to build and code a lego rubbish truck. We started off by counting all the lego bricks while our partner downloaded an app to code and build the rubbish truck after we built it.

Building the rubbish truck.

We had a little trouble getting it started because we kept putting the bricks on the wrong way or on the wrong side of the truck. After we built our rubbish truck we were allowed to change things on the truck like how big it was and got to add decorations to it.


We did coding and it was really easy. We had to copy a code that was on the top of the screen and then we could make our own if we wanted to but we didn't. It was really hard to get it to move at first but we finally did.

We had so much fun!!

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