Character Writing

By Chloe, Mikayla, Porschea | Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Room 6 has been busy putting our descriptive writing skills from Get NZ writing into a new direction of writing. We have been focusing on character writing. Today we were given a picture which we were challenged to write a character piece on. Included are a selection of students writing.

His looks are a deadly snake waiting for a feast.

The hair is a bowl traced shape.

His eyebrows a hairy beast.

His thug like style scares everyone and anyone who dares to trespass in his space bubble.

Thoughts run through his head.

His nose all scrunched up like a scrunchy tie.

His personality scares people's lives.

His house a giant mansion.

Would you get lost in his world, yes you would.

He has a mind of his own so you think.

Well there is one thing no one knows about him is that he made one wrong decision and his world turn upside down.

By Kayla Connell


He's got a bowl haircut and has a disturbing smirk. He's got no neck because it's the same size as his head. His brows look mean and I think he's gonna do a bad bad thing. His ears are too big for his head plus his sweater up to his chin he's frightening all the way down to his limbs.

-By Chloe

Alex was an awfully large boy who always hurt people's feelings. He would go around and steal bread from the bakeries and steal toys from toy factories and take people’s lunches at school. So the teacher decide to read the real legend of how the town lost its colour it was 54years old so the teacher said “gather around now kids and let's read a story”. One day there was a boy who was a rascal, he went around stealing and doing mean things and then the village turned black and lost its colour “IT’S COLOR! “ Anyone that didn't believe would be cursed. Yes! Then suddenly crack! Everyone turned grey and everyone froze. The boy was the only one who wasn't frozen but he had turned grey so he ran home and shouted “MUM” but there was no answer... the boy started to cry and then a whisper from God “Hello there“ “please don't hurt me!” “No, I am here to help you. Go say sorry to the people you hurt” “Ok, but…” “But nothing! go before it's too late”. So away he went, he said sorry to Mr Miller, sorry to Mrs M and sorry to Jack for stealing his lunch and sorry to Mr Baker for stealing bread then a tingly glitter sprinkled around everyone, the sun came out, everybody was back to normal. The teacher gave him a wink and said “you did the right thing”. Everyone was happy, even the legend was so happy it turned into a rainbow.

By Porschea