Coding and Maths!

By Rob Wells | Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2018

Using Sphero robots in maths to learn about time, distance and speed.

This term in Room 10 Maths class we have been learning about measurement. In particular time, distance and speed. We have used some pretty cool formulas to help us work out how fast our Sphero robots could go.  

First student's had to learn how to code our robots in order to be able to measure them accurately.  Next student's had to decide a set distance in which to measure the robots over. To do this we used some metre wheels and the hall. Once we collected all of our data we were able to use speed =distance divided by time. although it may sound simple there was a lot of conversion going on to work out how fast in km/h our sphero's could go. Top speed so far 14km/h!!! 

Next up Team 6's Sphero Challenge!

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