Theatresports at Tahuna

By Nigel Waters | Posted: Thursday June 14, 2018

Hi, our names are Harlem and Ella and we do theatresports. If you’re interested in performing, drama or just having a laugh then you’re in the right place because that’s what theatre sports is all about.

In theatresports, we play lots of fun games like Space Jump, Voices Off, Time Bomb and many more. If you’re interested in doing theatresports or drama later in life then this will give you experience and increase your confidence on stage.

When we first started theatresports we weren't quite as good as we are now and we owe all of that to Mr Waters who has given us amazing feedback to increase our skills and confidence. If you are interested in theatresports then next term consider putting it down as one of your elective choices.

Also come down to Room 7 at Thursday lunchtime to have a crack at being considered for the squad. If you are keen to play a game then you can learn a lot because we have lots of experienced players and you will probably play the first game with them.