Miniball Success!

By Jess Cooper | Posted: Friday August 31, 2018

Miniball is one of the most popular sports at Tahuna with an increasing number of players and teams.

This year we had 13 teams entered into the competition. Everyone showed a lot of commitment, turning up to practises and games, and this was evident throughout the season in both the skill and game improvement and in the final results. 

8A Boys - First in A grade (undefeated)

8A Girls - First in A grade (undefeated)

7A Boys - Second in 7A grade (won their final game against John McGlashan - awesome game to watch!)

8B Girls - Second in B grade

7 Red Boys - Second in 7B Grade

8 White Boys - Third in 8B Grade

Congratulations to all teams and players on a very successful miniball season! 

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