Room 9 are Curling Spheros

By Jess Cooper | Posted: Wednesday September 5, 2018

Room 9 have been learning how to free drive and code the spheros. This is the current challenge they are facing!

Team 6, Year 8’s of Tahuna are doing sphero curling tournaments.

The kids need to pick a team of four and then pick a country to represent. In Room 9, we had 6 teams enter the competition, going through heats and eliminations until two teams were left in the grand final!

The shots that are curled get replaced with tennis balls so no damage will be done to the spheros and so they can be moved when hit.


  1. You start at a certain line and program the sphero to try to get as close to the house as possible using code.

  2. The target is called the house. You can block the house, land on the house and takeout the other team.

  3. You take 8 turns each.

  4. The closest ball to the centre of the house is the winner.

Our winning team, NZ, will be moving through to the class competition, taking on the best Room 10 and Room 11 Sphero curlers.

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