Starting out at Intermediate is the beginning of a journey. It is an adventure in which you will make new friends, try exciting new things, and learn about skills, talents and passions you never knew you had.

It is a transition – socially, physically and academically – from your childhood to your teenage years. In short, it is one of the most exciting times of your life! So it is important that you feel confident and inspired in your choice, Tahuna Intermediate School.

The Tahuna Values

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, so developing leadership skills is an important focus at Tahuna. You’ll have the chance to become a house captain, librarian, team captain, class councillor or a volunteer for a range of community programmes. These skills will help carry you through your life.

Winter Uniform Reminders

Posted: Monday April 9, 2018

Pride and appearance goes hand in hand with standards, building self-esteem and confidence. The colder weather has arrived so here are some reminders about our winter uniform.

Zhengzhou No.2 Foreign Language Middle School arrives to Dunedin.

Posted: Thursday March 15, 2018

Yes it has begun for real! The official first student exchange has taken place with our Sister School. 30 students and 4 staff arrived for an epic week of activities at Tahuna, Dunedin and our surrounding areas.

Parent - Teacher Interviews well attended

Posted: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Our Term 1 Parent interviews have just concluded this week with a high turnout of parents and students attending. Mr Drummond pictured above had a full turnout.

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