Technology & Art

Technology is an ever-growing part of modern society, and art is the expression of inner life. Both are an integral part of our curriculum. These classes are an exciting addition to the school day for most students, offering something quite new.

You may have heard of woodwork and metalwork, but in Tahuna’s workshops you will find yourself working with acrylic, plastic, wood, sheet metal and a range of other materials, making your own creative and innovative designs and developing practical life-skills.

Walk through the school and you will see why Tahuna’s art programme is considered to be outstanding. You are invited to come and view students’ work and see their artistic explorations in a range of mediums, colours and styles.

Watch out! Your parents may start asking you to cook them meals after you’ve created some taste sensations of your own in food technology. And if you have a strong sense of style then you will love our classes in textile technology.

Keeping up with the latest information and communication technologies is easy at Tahuna. We are fully networked and connected to UFB, and have plenty of computers and iPads so that students can become true digital citizens, communicating electronically to share their learning with you at home!

Creativity in Art for Marae Week.

Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Tahuna Year7's have fun while showing their creative side within their stencils.

Digital Music @Tahuna 2016

Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Music this term is focusing on digital music. Kids have been using a range of apps and processes to create music with a specific emotional focus. Music is then added to imagery which enhances the feel of their music.

Brother Design Stars Competition

Posted: Thursday July 7, 2016

Measuring, planning, pattern design and garment construction....