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Integrating Board Games into Literacy

Posted: Friday February 14, 2020

Scattegories, Upwords, The Game Of Awesome, 5 Second Rule, Articulate, Charades, Story Cubes, Scrabble & Trivial Pursuit just to name a few……..

Welcome to Room 18!

Posted: Friday February 14, 2020

Nau mai, haere mai ki Rūma Tekau Mā Waru.

Welcome Miss Nagel to Room 19

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

Basic Facts.....Hands on, practical and fun!

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

Every week, the students of The Hub all get to participate in basic facts testing and activities that are tailored specifically to meet individual learning needs.

Prime Time - a YouCubed activity for Mathematics.

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

The National Anthem Signers for 2020!

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

These tamariki have stepped up to take on the role of leading our school in signing the national anthem during Friday assemblies. There is always space for more keen students.

Integrating Mathematics and Art - Room 12 explores Piet Mondrian

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

The work of Escher and Mondrian can be explored alongside mathematical concepts such as symmetry and number patterns.

What I Want TO Be When I Grow Up.......

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

"If it is meant to be, it is up to me" Where we see ourselves in the future.

We Value Student Voice and Cater For Individual Learning Needs!

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

Why is it important for students to have a voice? Children spend a lot of time at school. ... While listening to student voice is important, research shows that the benefits for students don't come from just hearing their own voices; it's more about how other people (students, teachers, schools)...

Playground Antics!

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

A wee sneak peak of what we get up to during interval and lunchtimes.

The Hub is alive with the sound of music.

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand" -Stevie Wonder-

Futsal 2020 at Tahuna is almost here!

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020

With a big season ahead we have a MASSIVE squad representing Tahuna Intermediate and battling it out down at the Edgar Centre every Tuesday.

Remuera Intermediate Exchange 2020

Posted: Wednesday February 12, 2020

Expressions of interest in this fantastic trip are open now!

Rewards for displaying our school values

Posted: Saturday February 8, 2020

With two students in The Hub who have received blue cards in the first week we wanted to explain how Tahuna's values system works.

Getting a taste of STEAM

Posted: Thursday February 6, 2020

Rūma Waru put their collaboration and co-operation skills to the test on Wednesday with the first STEAM challenge of the year.

Welcome to Room 8's Newsletter

Posted: Thursday February 6, 2020

Kia Ora, me Haere Mai ko Rūma Waru

Welcome to The Hub!

Posted: Wednesday February 5, 2020

By the end of the first week The Hub connections are being made, our culture is being developed and it's buzzing with activity, learning, community and collaboration.

Getting a taste of technology at Tahuna

Posted: Tuesday February 4, 2020

During week one The Hubsters had the opportunity to visit each of our specialist teachers in our technology department and experience a little of what goes on in these classes.

Information about Novel coronavirus

Posted: Tuesday January 28, 2020