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Library popular place at lunchtimes

Posted: Tuesday February 9, 2016

The Tahuna library is incredibly well resourced and has a wide range of books and things to do.

Maths At Tahuna!

Posted: Monday February 8, 2016

Our vision is that at Tahuna all students will be given every opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to use mathematics effectively in everyday life.

Chinese Students visit Tahuna

Posted: Monday February 8, 2016

For the first 3 week of the term we are lucky to have 15 Chinese students visiting from Beijing and Guangzhou.

Performing Arts at Tahuna

Posted: Friday February 5, 2016

Tahuna has become renowned for excellence in the Performing Arts. The opportunities for students to perform are many and varied, from performing at the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics to winning the Band Quest to performing for the Royal visit .

Karate Classes 

Posted: Tuesday February 2, 2016

Karate Tuesdays 6-7pm kids, 6-830pm adults. Saturday 2-3pm kids 2-5pm Adults. All beginners welcome.

Friday Night Junior

Posted: Tuesday February 2, 2016

For all Primary and Intermediate age children

Have A Go At Fencing

Posted: Tuesday January 12, 2016

A five-week adult and children’s beginner’s fencing course starts on Monday the 15th of February 5.30pm – 6.30pm. The course costs $80.00 and all equipment is provided. It is a great introduction to this exciting sport. For more information and enrollment email us at [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunity

Posted: Tuesday January 5, 2016

An opportunity exists for a business to work together with us to get a Tahuna App developed for 2016. As we have invested in our electronic newsletter we are also looking to introduce an App to keep students and parents informed.

Room 10 Maths!

Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

Recently students in Mr Wells maths class have been learning about volume and capacity.

Room 17 Picture Books

Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

This term Room 17 have been designing and making our own picture book! We get to write and illustrate it by ourselves which is a good learning opportunity and it is also super fun!

Room 18 

Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

This year we have been working quite hard on building positive relationships with others. During our Kia Kaha unit we designed posters that support this concept.

Otago Museum's Einstein Exhibition

Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

Tahuna Science students attend the opening of a new exhibition.

Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

Year 7's Get Creative With Physics!

Posted: Tuesday November 24, 2015

Room 16 experiment creating pulley systems......

Room 16 Hit The Streets Developing Our Cycling Skills!

Posted: Tuesday November 24, 2015

Left.......right......stop.......give way.......straight through!

Chop Visits Tahuna!!

Posted: Tuesday November 24, 2015

Last week Rooms 16, 18 and 11 spent some time with Chop the lamb.

Room 6 - Fun with Geometry

Posted: Tuesday November 24, 2015

Room 3's Volcano Watch

Posted: Monday November 23, 2015

For homework in weeks 4 to 6, Room 3 students have been travelling around the world checking out different volcano locations.

Term 4 Table Tennis

Posted: Monday November 23, 2015

Every Thursday chosen students from different schools around Dunedin gathered at Kaikorai Valley College to compete in the Dunedin Schools Table Tennis Competition. Approximately 60 students arrived at Kaikorai Valley and battled each other in exciting games of table tennis.

Room 14 thanks our College students.

Posted: Saturday November 21, 2015

Room 14 has had some real cool college student teachers and this year was no exception. We say thank you to them and all college students who have come through Tahuna this year.