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Kia'Ora and Welcome!

Posted: Wednesday February 27, 2019

Susan is our international student from China. She will be joining us in Room 19 this year. We are enjoying problem solving the language barriers, teaching and learning together and sharing differences in culture.

Room 20 Campers

Posted: Tuesday February 26, 2019

In Week 4, Room 20 headed out to Camp Waiora for a fun-filled adventure with lots of exciting activities!

Room 19 Class Councillors

Posted: Monday February 25, 2019

Congratulations Alex McKeever and Sadie Reid!

Kings High Students Carve It Up Playing Rippa.

Posted: Monday February 25, 2019

Sharing practical skills and knowledge with positive attitudes, made easy for all!

"Ni hao ma"

Posted: Monday February 25, 2019

How are you? in Mandarin.........

We Value Student Voice and Cater For Individual Learning Needs!

Posted: Sunday February 24, 2019

Why is it important for students to have a voice? Children spend a lot of time at school. ... While listening to student voice is important, research shows that the benefits for students don't come from just hearing their own voices; it's more about how other people (students, teachers, schools)...


Posted: Sunday February 24, 2019

One of the many highlights at Tahuna!

Ko Wai Au (Who Am I)

Posted: Sunday February 24, 2019

Having a sense of belonging at Tahuna is a major focus in Room 19 and 19A

Class Councillors for 2019- Adam and Tui.

Posted: Friday February 22, 2019

It's all about music!

Posted: Wednesday February 20, 2019

"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand" -Stevie Wonder-

Bivvy building

Posted: Tuesday February 19, 2019

On Tuesday afternoon we made our way up into the forest to build our activity group bivvies.

Setting up for camp

Posted: Monday February 18, 2019

Team work! We worked together in our groups to set up our tents and cook our dinner.


Posted: Monday February 18, 2019

The bus pulled up at Outram Glen and we were all excited to start our tramp.

Activity Day

Posted: Monday February 18, 2019

On Tuesday we began our day with lots of exciting activities including shooting, confidence course, grass skis, a log and tyre challenge and super large puzzles.

Cricket Season Has Started!

Posted: Sunday February 17, 2019

Kelly Sports Physical Education Programme

Posted: Sunday February 17, 2019

At Tahuna we are lucky enough to have coach Jeff from Kelly Sports in to teach us valuable skills around physical education and co-operative games.

Setting Up A Safe Mathematical Learning Environment To Build Confidence, Take Risks & Show A Growth Mindset!

Posted: Sunday February 17, 2019

Jo Boaler - Inspirational Maths! You will see more of this action on your students seesaw profiles next week!!

Collaboration At It's Best!

Posted: Sunday February 17, 2019

Deeper Learning: A collaborative classroom is key to help set students up for their future. Students develop the skills to listen and ask effective questions with exercises designed to scaffold deep, meaningful collaboration. Here are some students working collaboratively in 'The Hub' engaged in a high-level tasks, discussing, problem solving,...