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Booking an International Holiday?

Posted: Sunday July 2, 2017

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF TAHUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Book an International holiday with me and I will donate $100 to Tahuna School. To use towards whatever the school needs sports equipment, technology, books, travel, etc ….

Boy Billets Desperately Needed

Posted: Sunday July 2, 2017

In the fifth week this term we have the Remuera Intermediate Students visiting. They are sending a different mix of boys and girls to us so we desperately require a couple more Tahuna boys and their families to host them.

Measurement Games In Math

Posted: Friday June 30, 2017

Students have been exploring different types of measurement through game play.

Room 19's Trip to the Museum and Physics Department

Posted: Thursday June 29, 2017

Room 19 had a great time on their science trip

Tai Chi Fan Dance

Posted: Sunday June 25, 2017

Room 19 learnt how to do a Tai Chi fan dance for mandarin this week.

Hockey 'A' Team In New Gear

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017

Our most successful sports team over the past 8 years, our Hockey 'A's played in brand new uniforms last Friday night.

Otago rugby players visit Room 7.

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017

Today we had several ORFU players come and visit room 7. We asked the hard questions about love, life and the wonderful game of rugby.

Football at Tahuna

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017

Football is a sort after sport option on Friday's.

Stay up-to-date this winter with delayed starts and closures

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017

With Winter upon us, here is all you need to know about possible closures and late starts.

Aerobics Success

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Kate and Emily recently experienced a good result at aerobics competitions. Kate has shared a recount of their achievements.

Edible (kind of) Rainbows!

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Our density experiment in Miss Brawley and Mr Tunoka's Science Elective led to students eating rainbows

The dreaded fidget spinner - does it really help us learn?

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Miss Brawley's maths class conducted a statistical investigation to find out!

Community Noticeboard

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017

All community notices are attached below. If you would like any information shared with our school community please send through in pdf format.

Selection of what Room 19 has been up to...

Posted: Tuesday June 13, 2017

A couple of photos of what we have been up to so far this term

Tahuna Environmental Science Making a Difference

Posted: Tuesday June 13, 2017

For the past eight years keen scientists from Tahuna have been keeping an eye on the quality of water at Tomahawk Lagoon. Our findings have been shared with other interested parties but this year with the help of our long term Science Advisor, Mr Andrew Innes, Tahuna Scientists are maintaining...

Remuera Exchange 2017

Posted: Tuesday June 13, 2017

What a week! So much fun in such a short time. Independent skills enhanced and some lifelong friendships gained. All students were fantastic ambassadors for Tahuna.

Intro to Scuba at Dive Otago

Posted: Tuesday June 13, 2017

We are back at Dive Otago for our term two dive courses. Emma and Thea are back instructing keen students the basics of Scuba and advanced Snorkelling techniques.

Table Tennis

Posted: Monday June 12, 2017

Isaac Hobbs talks us through the success our Tahuna pupils have experienced in Table Tennis over the past few weeks.

Can we sustain life in a greenhouse?

Posted: Sunday June 11, 2017

Will our microgreens grow

Dr Nic Rawlence Otago Palaeogenetics Laboratory

Posted: Sunday June 11, 2017

Dr Nic Rawlence came to talk to the year 7's about climate change and adaptation.